Welcome to Reel Talk


“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”- Martin Scorsese

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with movies. Whether it was watching Disney films with my sisters until the VHS tape wore out or sitting on the bottom of my stairs listening to the rated R movies my parents would watch once I went to bed, I had always found myself drawn to the world of cinema. The magical thing about movies; you can leave this world behind and explore something or somewhere different than what you already know. But perhaps the most remarkable thing about movies is their ability to instill something inside of ourselves that we have never known or haven’t felt in a long time.

In this blog, I aim to explore the ins and outs of films, discover new films, and talk about classics. I will have a variety of posts in this blog. There will be posts of an in-depth review of a film, there will be posts of a list of some movies I’ve seen over the years and encourage you to check out, there will be posts dedicated to exploring an actor or director’s work, there may even be a “so bad, it’s good” post for pure entertainment. While I love cheesy Rom Coms as much as the next girl, It’s films that leave a lasting impression on the audience and burrow into their soul that deserve some attention and recognition. These are the types of films that I will primarily be writing about. I will do some fun pieces as well, but the main purpose of this blog is to explore the ins and outs of film.

I’m NOT going to write about how I know everything about film, because I don’t know everything! I’m simply a film lover who wants to explore and find new films to talk about. I’m NOT going to act like I can’t learn anything new, because I can. I can learn so much from all of you! You are as smart (probably smarter) as I am. I’m NOT going to write close minded articles. I want your feedback and comments, I want to start a discussion about film where EVERYONE has a voice. And lastly but most importantly, I am NOT going to write about what I think is the greatest film. This is something I want all of you to discover on your own. I will NOT shove my thoughts and opinions down your throat.

These feelings of discovery and loss, being whole yet empty at the same time,  and understanding everything yet knowing nothing are the reasons why I watch movies. I am constantly searching for films that awaken the senses, expand the mind, and tap into our emotions. Sometimes, I’ll find movies that I like and I’ll watch them when it’s raining out or when I have a movie night with my friends. Other times, I’ll find a movie that leaves me absolutely speechless. It is my goal and my quest to discover as many films like that as possible. Would you care to join me?


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