Exploring Tommy Wiseau And His Film “The Room”

This site wouldn’t be a true film site without mentioning the greatest worst movie of them all: “The Room”. Ah yes, “The Room” has it all; over the top acting, cheesy and nonsensical dialogue, and numerous and I mean NUMEROUS plot holes. But just how did this film come to be? We can thank these two men:

the room post 3These two men are Tommy Wiseau (left) and Greg Sestero (right). Without these two men, “The Room” would’ve never happened. After meeting in acting class, these two creative souls decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own movie. With Tommy writing the entire script, picking the actors (one of them being Sestero), buying his own camera (rather than renting like most directors), and directing, “The Room” was born. Just in case you haven’t seen it, I’ll give you the highlights.

The story takes place in San Francisco Where Johnny, a successful banker with a beautiful fiancée named Lisa. Only twist is: Lisa is cheating on Johnny with his best friend Mark, who never fails to mention that Johnny is his best friend before sleeping with her. There’s also a creepy little man-child named Denny who sells drugs and frequently visits the home of  Johnny and Lisa because Johnny supports him financially and emotionally (where the hell are this kid’s parents?!) There’s Lisa’s mom Claudette, a nosy elderly woman who mentions she has breast cancer once and then never mentions it again throughout the entire film. But my favorite character of all is the random guy that comes along towards the end of the film and tells Lisa she needs to be honest with Johnny. The whole time he was talking, all I could say was “Who are you?! Where the f*** did you come from?! Where have you been this entire film?!”

Yes, “The Room” is never going to be taken seriously, but it is still loved by many around the world. But why is this? I believe this is because it is so funny, and because everyone loves an underdog. Tommy had dreams of being a real Hollywood actor/director, yet he was continuously snubbed. Perhaps this was because of his bizarre appearance, accent, and/or mannerisms. However, he made his dream come true. He wanted to create a real film and have it be a hit with audiences… and that’s exactly what he got.

Unlike the plot to Wiseau’s film, there is a happy ending to this film. In 2017, James Franco’s film “The Disaster Artist” (which depicted the creation of the film) won for best actor (Franco) at the golden globes. The happy part? Wiseau got to come up on stage and watch as his film was finally honored with an award. What could be better than that?

the room post 4


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