My Interview With A Filmmaker

Happy November! To kick off this month, I thought I’d do something different than what I’ve done in the past. I know I’ve reviewed movies, but what if I actually interviewed the creative minds behind them? So, I set up an interview with Shamus Maunsell Jr., writer, director, producer, and actor of the student film Family Portraits to talk about the inspiration, creation, and reception of his first feature length film.

Q: What served as inspiration for this film?

A: (it) was a combination of a few things. Personal experience and observation of people I know in the Boston area served as a huge source of inspiration for the characters. I felt like setting the film in Boston and physically shooting in the city helped insure the truthfulness of the story I was telling. What place do you know better than the city you call home? I also found great inspiration in some of my idols Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and  Mark Wahlberg who had great success who make meaningful and great films in Boston.

Q: How did filming go? What was the most challenging scene to film?

A: “Filming for the most part was a great experience. I do think would of helped if the budget and the cast was bigger and did not have to double cast actors in multiple roles in the film. I try and run a relaxed set so people can do there best work. It was a fun and great learning experience filming this movie. Filming was also great due to such a great and committed cast and crew. It went so well that we (most of the same cast and crew)  are all quickly working on to get my next film made which is currently untitled and will be completed soon. The most challenging scene to film would be the intervention scene during the Third Act of the film. just due to how man actors (8) were being filmed at once and how many moving parts were actually involved during the filming of that scene with one camera.

Q: How well was the film received?

A: The film was received extremely well and with a great magnitude of praise. After the film was done with it premier screening it was received with a standing ovation and a few  mock awards. people were shocked and intrigued how I and the cast and crew made such a great film with little budget.  I was told by everyone that I should keep making films and that I was going place and that is exactly what I attend to do.

Check out his film Family Portraits and let me know what you think.

As always, keep it reel.


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