Thoughts on ” Retro Review: Do The Right Thing”

I had the pleasure of reading beetleypete’s review on Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing. But before I go into the review given by beetelypete, here’s a little background information on the film.
do the right thing post 2Do The Right Thing takes place during the hottest week of the summer in Bed-Stuy in 1989. The film depicts black pizza delivery boy named Mookie and various other residents in the neighborhood as racial tension begins to build among them.

I myself agree with beetleypete that this film is an important film to watch and will definitely be seen as historically and culturally significant in the future. This film examines racial tension and does not shy away from showing the truth, no matter how upsetting the truth may be. I highly recommend this film along with all of Spike Lee’s films.

Let me know what you think of Do The Right Thing along with the other exceptional works of Spike Lee. Do you think his films are important to watch? Do the right thing and let me know in the comments section and check out beetleypete’s page. As always, keep it reel.


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