Neil Breen: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

And you thought Tommy Wiseau was bad! No ladies and gents, I have found an even worse director of film… the king of the “so bad it’s good” cinema: Neil Breen.

neil breen post 2.gif.jpg

Breen is the creator of five classic films that will surely be studied by film scholars for years to come. But today, I wanna talk about one of his films that was so good, it has its own Wikipedia page (and that’s saying something). Yes, I’m talking about Breen’s performance in a film called “Fateful Findings”.

neil breen post 5.gif

What is it about this movie that has us so enthralled? Perhaps it’s the naturalistic acting neil breen post 4styles of Breen, who clearly studied the classics to prepare for his role as Dylan, a vigilante-hacker dead set on exposing the government for its crimes. Breen clearly acts naturally when on camera as Dylan, something weneil breen post 3 the audience can see clearly through his facial expressions. The man is a master at conveying emotion with a single look or shake of his head. It makes you wonder, did the man study with Stella Adler? Lee Strasberg? Michael Chekhov? What if I told you it was none of the above? that Breen’s acting is au natural? Well, I guess that would be a real fateful finding.

Check out the masterpiece that is “Fateful Findings” for yourself

Or, if you’d like to see all of his films in one sitting, check out this hilarious video:

Happy watching! And as always, keep it reel


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